Senior Photos

We do not have or want contracts with high schools to do senior portraits. The seniors that come to Leasure Studio come here because they want to and not because they are forced to.

We spend and average of two or more hours with each senior creating at least forty or more images that they cannot wait to show their friends. We shoot some in the studio and on location at an out door setting of your choice. You may use six or more casual changes.

You will find that our quality is of the highest and our prices are very affordable.


sen1 sen10 sen11 sen12 sen13
sen1.jpg sen10.jpg sen11.jpg sen12.jpg sen13.jpg
sen14 sen15 sen16 sen17 sen18
sen14.jpg sen15.jpg sen16.jpg sen17.jpg sen18.jpg
sen19 sen2 sen20 sen21 sen22
sen19.jpg sen2.jpg sen20.jpg sen21.jpg sen22.jpg
sen23 sen24 sen25 sen26 sen27
sen23.jpg sen24.jpg sen25.jpg sen26.jpg sen27.jpg
sen28 sen29 sen3 sen30 sen31
sen28.jpg sen29.jpg sen3.jpg sen30.jpg sen31.jpg
sen32 sen33 sen34 sen35 sen36
sen32.jpg sen33.jpg sen34.jpg sen35.jpg sen36.jpg
sen37 sen38 sen39 sen4 sen40
sen37.jpg sen38.jpg sen39.jpg sen4.jpg sen40.jpg
sen41 sen42 sen43 sen44 sen45
sen41.jpg sen42.jpg sen43.jpg sen44.jpg sen45.jpg
sen46 sen5 sen6 sen7 sen8
sen46.jpg sen5.jpg sen6.jpg sen7.jpg sen8.jpg